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    Why Should You Record Your Calls? How?


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    Why Should You Record Your Calls? How? Empty Why Should You Record Your Calls? How?

    Post  Rex2010 on Thu May 20, 2010 3:35 am

    How To Record your Mobile Calls ?

    Why people record a mobile phone call?
    Actually, many people now are recording mobile phone calls out of different purposes. Some people just enjoy the fun of listening to the talk they have been in earlier. Others collect them to archive their electronic diary database in memory. Besides, call recording can be very useful in life. For example, in our daily life we always have to face a situation, when we have to take a note of what we are talking on a mobile, may it be an import phone number or a long address. Unfortunately, you don’t have a pen or paper at hand. Call recording will be very convenient at the time. In fact, now many businessmen even use mobile phone call recording to record business, transaction calls over the phone with their partners.

    WM Sound Recorder is an easy-to-use application which supports recording phone calls and sounds in Windows Mobile Pocket PC. The following is a step-by-step tutorial for operation.

    Step 1: Download WM Sound Recorder here at
    unzip the file you downloaded and copy the installation file (sound_recorder_for_wm6.CAB) to your mobile device.

    Note that the software is working on the platform Window Mobile 5 and 6+.

    Step 2: On your device, navigate to the location of the installation file using File Explorer, and click the file to start installation. You can install it either on your device or on the storage card.
    Why Should You Record Your Calls? How? How-to-record-your-mobile-calls-by-using-wm-sound-recorder_clip_image001

    Step 3: Click “Start” and select “Programs” after installation, you will find the WM Sound Recorder is already in your phone.
    Why Should You Record Your Calls? How? How-to-record-your-mobile-calls-by-using-wm-sound-recorder_clip_image001_0000

    Step 4 : The following is the main window of WM Sound Recorder interface. Click the "record" button (red) to record. As the "record" button turns blue, it starts recording. To stop recording, you can click the "record" button.
    Why Should You Record Your Calls? How? How-to-record-your-mobile-calls-by-using-wm-sound-recorder_clip_image001_0002

    Step 5 :To listen to the recording file, you can click the "play" button, and to stop playing, you can click the "stop" button.
    Why Should You Record Your Calls? How? How-to-record-your-mobile-calls-by-using-wm-sound-recorder_clip_image001_0003

    The above is the common functions of the software. Yet there are some important features of WM Screen Recorder to be explored.

    Step 6: Click the “Action” at the bottom.

    You can click “files” to make operations to the recorded files.
    Why Should You Record Your Calls? How? How-to-record-your-mobile-calls-by-using-wm-sound-recorder_clip_image001_0004

    You can click “options” to set the Input format of the file as MP3 or WAV and their quality; or you can set the directory of your recording files. Besides, You can choose to record calls of next, today’s and all calls.
    Why Should You Record Your Calls? How? How-to-record-your-mobile-calls-by-using-wm-sound-recorder_clip_image001_0005

    Note that the default setting is “Do not record any call”. ONLY you change the setting to other options (eg. Record next call) can your mobile phone automatically record your mobile phones.

    For details, you can visit WM Sound Recorder Homepage

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