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    Help needed in flashing p320



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    Help needed in flashing p320

    Post  Ashishdude77 on Tue Feb 01, 2011 6:10 pm

    Hi guys I am to this forum.All of sudden my Asus P320 has got a problem,After getting switched off automatically i re started it and now I get only Asus logo with this info BTLR 3.1 and the phone will freeze.
    I tried flashing it with 4.15 ROM available on Asus website and this is what I get in the display

    Init SD control
    IPL: Insert SD CARD
    Start SD init
    Get MBR sucess
    start find images
    can't find galaxy-ond.raw!
    can't find 850_GAX_SD.bin!
    find FLASH.BIN!
    find GSM.BIN!
    can't find GSM.RAW!
    find EXT_ROM.NBO!
    Read SD busy!

    Can anybody please help me out ?????????????????

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