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    Touch Buttons Customization


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    Touch Buttons Customization Empty Touch Buttons Customization

    Post  mic2d on Tue Aug 11, 2009 10:45 am

    Hi everyone!
    So finally i have bought my p835, which after a fortnight of use looks perfect for my needs. But i have this problem, or a choice issue if you may.
    There are these very handy and cute little touch buttons below the large and very sensitive touch screen. And these four buttons each when touched open pre-customized apps (the opera, the ok button, the start menu and the carousel).
    Well this is an extremely great idea, but I would have liked the ASUS to have given me the options to customize these apps according to my needs to fully harness the capability of the phone.
    Though I still think there must be a way to do this. Am not a techie myself so wonder if some wiz wud help me do this. Thanks n cheers!

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