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    Issues with ActiveSync


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    Issues with ActiveSync

    Post  sneti on Thu May 28, 2009 12:51 pm

    On a day when I changed a several of the calendar entries and tried to Sync, the ActiveSync program on my mobile started showing the message - Waiting for network. (It was able to detect the number of changes - it said 0/343, but could not proceed). I tried synchronizing using the USB data cable but there was no success. I unchecked the Calendar from the items to be synchronized and tried syncing (through GPRS). This time it worked. The tasks and emails got synchronized, but the number of tasks displayed on the home page of the mobile is one less than the actual number of active tasks - i.e., on the home page (Today screen) it mentions that there are 47 active tasks but when I check, there are actually 48 tasks. To resolve the 'Waiting for network' issue, I upgraded the firmware to 4.15 and tried syncing. The calendar sync still did not happen through GPRS. Tried with the USB cable, and it worked. The number of tasks shown (on the Today screen) is still one less than the actual number of tasks. Can anyone help me what is wrong and the possible solution for these problems (Waiting for Network and tasks problem). Thanks.

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    Re: Issues with ActiveSync

    Post  vasuvenkat on Thu May 28, 2009 2:21 pm

    I suggest that you uninstall the active sync program in the computer and reinstall it afresh

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